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ODIN Contact Information

ODIN Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m.         email: - all ODIN staff

Emergency Procedures
If you are experiencing an Urgent problem with any ODIN service please follow the emergency procedures below to receive the most expedient resolution to the problem.

     Call 701-777-6346 – leave message if necessary as all ODIN staff will get the message.      

Urgent means that the entire system or module is down, either for one library, a few libraries, or all libraries. No work can be done by your staff, and/or the online catalog is unavailable. Data integrity maybe compromised and work in progress may be lost.

ODIN Maintenance Hours are Saturday @ 6pm through Sunday @ 1pm.
If ODIN is not available during this time, please understand that maintenance may be underway.

Mailing address:
ODIN / North Dakota University System
Core Technology Services
4349 James Ray Drive
Grand Forks, ND 58203

ODIN Staff
Ellen Kotrba, Director of ODIN
Manages the operations of ODIN, coordinates staff responsibilities, identifies technology needs, budget allocation and promoting and sharing the overall vision for ODIN services
    -ODIN Policies, Finances, Budgets,
    -Communications, ODIN Contracts
    - & other responsibilities
Linda Allbee, Assistant Director
Assists in the management of operations for ODIN in coordinating staff responsibilities, identifying technology needs, budget allocation and promoting and sharing the overall vision for ODIN services
    -New Librarian Training
    -"Did You Know" recordings
    - & other responsibilities
Cheryl Hoffmann, Administrative Support Specialist
    Billing, Statistics, Administrative Tasks,
    Travel Assistance, Mail
Jason Bedsaul, Senior Library Systems/Applications and Web Integrator
    - Discovery interfaces & Proxies
    - Authorization/Authentication Options
    - Analytics, Reports & Services
    - all Technical Issues
    - Polaris Workstations
    - ODIN-PKS-HOLDS-ILL User Group
    - & other responsibilities
vacant, Library Systems/Applications and Web Integrator
    - Web Site Design & Development
    - Discovery Interfaces & Proxies
    - Technical issues
    - Analytics, Reports & Services
    - & other responsibilities
Ginny Millette, Technical Support
    - Alma Acquisitions/Serials
    - Polaris Circulation
    - Polaris Permissions
    - ODIN Work Day
    - ODIN-ACAD-ACQ-SER User Group
    - ODIN-PKS-CIRC User Group (includes Course Reserves & Inventory)
    - & other responsibilities
vacant, Technical Support
    - Alma Circulation
    - Alma Permissions
    - Polaris Acquisitions/Serials
    - Link Resolver (Electronic Resources)
    - CDI (Central Discovery Index)
    - ODIN-ACAD-FULFILLMENT User Group (includes Course Reserves & Inventory)
    - ODIN-PKS-ACQ-SER User Group
    - & other responsibilities
Lynn Wolf, Technical Support
    - Printing Issues
    - Loaders
    - Form/Letters Management
    - Alma Cataloging
    - Polaris Cataloging
    - Analytics, Services & Reports
    - ODIN-ACAD-CAT User Group
    - ODIN-PKS-CAT User Group
    - & other responsibilities